The idea for this photographic project came from my own search for balance, calm and focus that I get from going to a yoga class. As I wrote in a previous blog “yoga is about reclaiming oneself from too busy, too noisy, too much… it’s about finding balance and peace, and remembering to breathe”.


This project coincided with another photographic essay underway at the time where I was having similar experience with camera in hand shooting in the bush.

From there it was not too much of a leap to think ‘why not combine the two? From there, I thought about combining the serenity of yoga within images of busyness, movement and other cluttered urban environments such as at city intersections, railway stations, shopping malls and so on.


The first shoot did none of these things as it was located in the studio, mainly as an exercise in using a digital medium format camera, and the related software Flexcolour for post processing. While this was good experience striving for the quality and sharpness of image achievable in medium format, it left me definitely longing to do something more with the concept. Here are some images achieved in medium format / studio setting.






Any comments here...

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