Thanks to my father, I started taking photographs as a child  – of family, playmates and cats, using a box brownie.

As a young student I went through my cemetery phase, student parties and portraits of my peers. Then there were the children, family holidays, overseas places, Moscow and the comrades. At that time we had a film Single-lens reflex camera and a laundry converted to a darkroom.

2008 and a trip to Deutchland, the bug was definitely back. I was always lagging behind, seeing must see pictures to snap. And there was the magic of digital!

2010 a Panasonic LX3. Thank you Panasonic, what a great little camera. This was the year I seriously began to learn how to use digital technology.

2011 – present: enrolement in the Unitec Photography degree course (Bachelor of Design and Visual Arts- Photography). Step up to Canon 550D.

April 2012 begin Blog as an assignment to record a visual diary on the photographic brief ‘Move Me’. May 2012. The big step up to Canon 5D Mark III.


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